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From left to right: JW Anderson, Sibling, Simone Rocha

London is usually the most extravagant and excessive fashion week, so I have collected here the most bizarre elements I saw there.
Althought those surely are excessive, and years ago I (wrongly) branded them as a sort of fashion jokes, now I have learnt to look at them with different eyes. In fact I am sure those big & bold items are brand new trends in embryo. Simply, they are a little bit exaggerated!

LFW showed many hats and headpieces in general, I have selected the most interesting ones here.

So, just because of the warmer temperatures of Spring and Summer, LFW Designers suggest to find a shelter or a shadow from the sun – well after all we all must stay away from the dangerous sun rays, true?
I am a hat lover, so I took good notes of the following three fashion ideas:
1 – a gigantic hat with super floppy brim. I already have one and I like it, but I must admit it is not very much comfortable because of the large brim.
But if you leave comfort apart, wearing such piece will make you feel good and super glamorous, and that’s enough for me to enjoy the look.
2 – a massive bow: sure you have to be a true master of equilibrium because it must stand up and high on your head, but on the other hand you could benefit of a very good amout of shadow on sunny days, and it doesn’t sound that bad. Jokes apart, I have a bad relationship with my hair. I don’t like it, I am always scared of chopping it plus it is thin and with perennial points. As if it wasn’t bad enough I am completely unable at managing it. Doing a simple ponytail is a stressful activity for me and decorating my head with any sort of hair clips makes me feel like a sad sparkling doll. Definitively not a good idea.
3 – packing one’s head into tulle may sound like a silly idea coming Spring or Summer. Well probably it is but we’re here to try to go deeper, right?
Well, what I see here is a sort of a deconstruction of a hat. Hats are having a big moment now, there’s no denying that, and quite often I’m seeing (beanie) hats pimped up with veils, so I think that the hint here is that veil hats are going to be great!


From left to right: KTZ, Rohmir

When you find the right cuts or the shape that perfectly fits your body type you surely want to consider clothes as a second skin, your most perfect home, or something you want to live in forever and never leave.
So probably that was the idea behind the armadillo-esque fabric or the “belted” pattern. Apart from the simple, traditional, and plain one, I have never worn other kind of leathers, but I imagine they are very warm, so I don’t like the idea of wearing something heavy and thick when it’s Spring or Summer.
The belt-patterned coat on the other side is fun! Just because we all have beigie/black/blue coat I think we can invest in a statement piece. The trick here is to go for a classic cut so that you never get tired, and you have a timeless piece!

bottomsFrom left to right: Anya Hindmarch, Thomas Tait, Whistles, Proenza Schouler

Among the original things I spotted on LFW runways there is sporting two similar bags so that they can complement each other. Bizarre, I see. But what if instead of having many bags outside we would go with many bags inside? I carry the world in my bag everyday with the result that is is impossibile to find anything. So probably separating things per category and putting them into mini bags and then into a bigger bag could be useful and helpful.

The trend of thigh high boots was huge last year in the Winter but Thomas Tait reached a higher point with the pictured inguinal-high boots. This is inspirational because it’s making me think of wearing thick and matte tights with shiny and light fabrics for an unexpected touch.

The last picture shows a (beautiful) skirt that seems like a towel around the waist. I love the idea of “effortless” that this skirt has, although I know that is not a look to go to the office. I love this simple idea of layering to create dimensions and movement.

What do you think?

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