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Wearing: Accessorize backpack, Urban Outfitters necklace, Gap tee, Pimkie shorts (old), Birkenstock Arizona sandals

So this is just a simple reminder of how much I am going to miss summer and the warmer weather. It feels so good for a super lazy girl like me to wear the most basic of basics for a walk: denim and white tee shirt. Totally a no-brainer. Extra points for the backpack that is the best way to carry all the time my whole world with me. It is fall already and I am already missing summer. Plus early in the morning when I go out it’s starting to be cold so half sleeves are not very much comfortable anymore. Unfortunately this means that I have to pull out autumn clothes and to store the summer ones. I hate that. Speaking of this, I am not a person who keeps everything. I was but now I am not anymore. This has been a huge revolution for me so I am very proud I changed. So now whenever I change my clothes because of the new season (i. e. two times every year) I give to charity all the clothes that I have never worn during the previous months or that for some reasons I don’t like anymore. In this way I have cleaned up my closet of so many useless pieces, and I am also sure not to waste the super precious storage space to keep for six months or more something that I don’t like and I will not like next year, either. Acting like this is teaching me to evaluate what I’m buying in a different way so that now I can buy less and buy better.




 Pictures by Fabio Barzaghi

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