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Pictured above from L to  R: Iceberg, Jil Sander

It seems to me that the biggest and most interesting consequence of the global process known as “democratization of fashion” is the attention to the details. For sure, that is because we all buy in the same places, we own the same pieces, hence we all look the same. In this precise context any element of differentiation is a well sought-after plus, so even the smallest one seems like a great victory in this world of all-the-same we’re living in.

I can see that fashion now is revolving towards the sleeves.

The way sleeves look is the current and totally on trend it-fashion-thing!
I must admit that from one hand I like this, because we’re not talking about a super expensive bag, or pair of shoes, etc., but from the other hand my general impression is that creativity is getting harder and harder to develop nowadays so Fashion Designers are focusing on enhancing the very basic elements of the clothes (knots, for example).
It’s not a bad thing, because that forces all us to learn to appreciate and to give value to each and every little detail in all clothes.
Because every little detail can really make the difference if it is seen in all its glory and with the right eye and not in a superficial way.

1- Blouse

Pictured above from L to  R: Aquilano Raimondi, Bottega Veneta

2- Shirt

Pictured above from L to  R: Armani, Stella Jean

4- Jacket

Pictured above from L to  R: Missoni, Ermanno Scervino


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