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Wearing: Accessorize necklace (gifted), Gap tee, Gap boyfriend jeans, Nike trainers, Moschino shoulder bag

There’s something undeniably exciting about going on the top of a skyscraper and looking at the city’s landscape. You have this feeling of empowerment, of possessing the whole city! It’s a sort of “good” dizziness, an adrenalin-filled feeling, don’t you also think so?

Sunday is that particular day of the week when I seem to run completely out of ideas about what to do. I cannot explain the reason why, probably the gigantic amount of laziness that lies inside of me virtually explodes every Sunday and prevent my head to generate any to-do-list. The absence of ideas also gets reflected on the fashion side because “I have nothing to wear” (I know, yeah…).

When this happens I have noticed I tend to gravitate towards the same few things that make me feel comfortable but put together: trainers, boyfriend jeans and a simple tee. Of such pieces, slouchy ripped boyfriend jeans and trainers have been a sort of surprise for me.

I bought those taking advantage of some sales because I was sure they soon would have ended up forgotten in my closet but they both proved me wrong, and in fact I have worn, re-worn and worn them all-over again a million times. Mostly because, I mean, simply because, they are quintessentially comfortable. May sound stupid but that’s the naked truth! Also, boyfriend jeans make you feel understatedly “seductive”, belonging to the young fashion category of the ugly-turned-fashionable (see Birkenstocks, for example).

As for trainers, I have slowly incorporated them into my closet since when the sport fashion thing started to rise. I’m loving this trend everyday more and more because you are put together also wearing the most informal shoes af all, i.e. sneakers! I still haven’t tried to wear sneakers with a more formal attire, so I’m pairing them the good old fashioned way.

So, if you’re in Milan and you too on a Sunday afternoon are short of ideas, I warmly suggest to visit Palazzo Lombardia for the breathtaking experience of viewing the city from the very top.










Pictures of me by Fabio Barzaghi

Other pictures by me


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