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During the H&M 2014 fashion year, the 6th of November is the date to countdown for the Alexander Wang brand new collection to arrive in stores.

The lookbook of the collection is out (you can see it in the pictures below), so we can all start to write down our personal wish list! The collection is mostly monocromatic (black), rich with the totally on trend neoprene fabrics and thick textures.

I can see that boxe is the main inspiration behind the collection, where the sporty aesthetic and the streetwear influence i.e. the core of Alexander Wang, both reign supreme.

The Alexander Wang for H&M is a unique, very strong and cool collection, almost totally emblazoned with the “AW” initials.

I like the collection, I have already put many items on my wish list (but I already know they will be sold in few hours and I won’t be able to own any). I would love to have the beanie, the crop top/bra, the socks, mostly I fancy the sweaters (my favorite piece!). But, talking in general, it is too sporty-extreme for me, and too “logo oriented” which is nothing wrong of course but I’m not very much into that.

So, it’s too bold for me, but what about you?

What do you think of the Alexander Wang collection for H&M? Share your thoughts in the comments!

ps. here I have collected (almost) all the commercials by H&M and the different Fashion Designers that have collaborated with the Swedish brand to create their unique collections.

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