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Wearing: Gap sweater, Topshop white denim (old), Urban Outfiters necklace, Nine West shoes, Accessorize clutch bag (last season)

Last weekend has been quite low key. There were no particular plans, neither places to see, nor things to do.

F and I went to our local Ikea to buy a very hairy and very white carpet because we are arranging a corner here at home as a little recording studio / music room. Some weeks ago we have bought an e-drum, a professional mic and various other tools to make music and to keep company of our little collection of guitars (we have 5 at the moment!). F and I met thanks to music many (many!) years ago, we share this big passion and so it simply makes sense that we are creating this amazing little space here in our beautiful apartment. So now F keeps on telling me that I must keep fashion apart and stop thinking about it 100% of my day to dedicate some time to music too…and honestly he is right!

At the moment we are working on some brand new music. It’s a nostalgic ballad and he is credited for most of the music and I am studying the bass line for it. Creating music is the most terrific and frustrating experience at the same time because it requires hours and hours of study and rehersals.

But I must admit that once you’ve found the right idea (I cannot explain…you just feel that is the right one) you feel like you’re in the right place at the right time and everything looks just perfect.





Pictures by Fabio Barzaghi

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