From L to R: Alexander Wang FW 14 / Chanel Couture 14 / DKNY SS 13/ Jill Stuart FW 11 / Rachel Zoe SS 13 / Hermes SS 11

A dear friend of mine some days ago said that she was starting to reconsider the idea of using a fanny pack and, while the reactions she received were “No way!” I though: why not?

Fanny packs seem to have a (bad) reputation as the least attractive and glamorous accessory of the whole fashion world. But since super classic brands such as Hermes or Chanel put them on full display lately on their fashion runway shows why should I want to consider them a pure fashion don’t?

Yes, funny packs are the epitome of the 80s, the most unattractive era for fashion and I also understand that people link those two concepts jumping quickly to the conclusion that those are a no brainer “No Way”, and I can understand that. Although in the 80s I was a little baby girl, my dad had a big passion for photography so I really have tons of pictures he shot showing people’s tastes in clothes in all their inglorious glory.

But, as during last year the fashion world has reprised the 90s making them much more beautiful and appealing (haven’t you bought a beautiful sweater, or a checkered shirt?), fashion now is moving also towards the 80s, borrowing the allure, some ideas, and putting them into today’s world and needs, and, believe me, that is not bad at all.

So, really, fanny packs can be stylish, too.

Not only: they can be quintessentially useful, because:

  • they redistribute the weight of a purse or of a bag so that you almost don’t feel it, helping avoiding back pain
  • they are true beautiful fashion and design pieces you would want to show!
  • they leave both your hands free (just like if you sport a backpack), without always checking that everything is ok and far away from the potential theft. Better than backpack from this point of view!
  • they are your perfect friend if you travel, so comfortable
  • they force you to carry the bare essential (that is life-changing!)

Above you can see how Fashion Designers put fanny packs on their runway shows lately, but here below I collected some fave street styles for more inspiration.

street style fanny packs

Source: various Pinterest

Which is your most inspirational style?

So, if you’re feeling adventurous, brave and pioneer enough to sport a fanny pack, here’s my top 6 findings:

Fanny packs

  1. Pour La Victoire
  2. Rebecca Minkoff
  3. Alexander Wang
  4. Adidas by Stella McCartney
  5. Claire Vivier
  6. Michael Kors

Finally, for the super curious, here’s some short fanny pack history.

What do you think? Would you wear it?

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