Here we are, counting down the days again until Christmas day. Everything is beautiful these December days: the atmosphere, the shops, the colours, the streets full of people, even the super slow public transport is forgiven. The only thing that makes me so unbearably nervous is the topic of Christmas gifts! Because being the undecided girl that I am, I am always insecure to buy the wrong Christmas gift. Also, we really have everything and we have access to everything so deciding what to buy as a present becomes quite difficult. Many friends of mine – those who can cook – rely on amazing recipes of fantastic food as Christmas presents. But I am totally inexpert and clumsy in the kitchen so that is absolutely not a good solution for me.

All that said, it’s been quite some years since I think I have found a sort of perfect Christmas gift: a magazine subscription. Everyone has a hobby, and there’s a magazine suitable for really every passion in the world. Plus: magazine subscriptions are usually affordable, have the digital version also and last for one year (or more!). Even more: the content lasts forever, magazines are beautiful and stimulate creativity.

Here I have collected my favourite magazines, I’ve chosen different topics for inspiration.

One – Bon Appétit – love the food and the culture-related topics

TwoArchitectural Digest – its subtitle “The International Design Authority” says it all!
Mag 2


ThreeGrey – my favourite magazine, I love everything about it: contents, colours, shape, topics, photography, styling, point of view, collaborations. It makes me dream, and think. Grey is a little bit book, a little bit art & photography & design book, a little bit fashion magazine. So inspirational!

FourThe Gentlewoman: it is about “ambitious journalism and photography of the highest quality, it showcases inspirational women”. I love that this magazine has a lot to read
Mag 3


Five – Mojo and – six– Rolling Stone have always been my favourite music magazines. I still remember my excitement when I could purchase one of them, when Internet was something far and I was so curious to know what was happening in the music world.

Mag 4

Seven–  i – D Magazine “about note” says “Design is everywhere”. And that is true, so it is key to learn to understand it and to discover it all around us.

Eight – Sleek: I bought it the very first time by chance, because, you know, the magazine is German and Berlin is the place to be about culture nowadays so I was simply curious. Now Sleek is one of my fave magazines because it offers a unique point of view on contemporary art and fashion. The amazing thing about it is that each issue develops a topic from two opposite points of view, so it is super interesting.

Mag 5

NinePrivate Photoreview is a beautiful magazine on photojournalism, some years ago it was a gift for my photographer boyfriend

TenFoam magazine is “all about photography” and each issue is built up around one specific topic

What do you think of a magazine subscription as a Christmas present? 

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