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Japanese culture is all about beautiful grace.

Its colors, music, shapes, movements, everything comes along with a charming slowliness that seems to stop time and to make everything eternal.

I have spent half of my life in the south of Italy, where calm reigns supreme and the other half in the speed-conscious city of Milan. Probably because of that I perfectly know from within those both sides, so that I can appreciate them and fully with pros and cons.

For these reasons I was happy and curious to learn more about Natsuko Toyofuku, a Japanese jewellery maker – or better, artist that from Japan decided to make Milan her very own home.

The occasion has been the official launch of her brand new website and online store, and I must admit I have made a graceful discovery that I want to share.

Should I find some words to describe the artistic work of Natsuko Toyofuku I would say: grace, nature, simplicity, harmony. Shaped by (mostly) copper.




All the jewels she makes are unique sculptures, the perfect mix between the Japanese culture and the Italian craftsmanship.

They are, quite simply, unrepeatable and beautiful.



Natsuko 1


Natsuko 2

(The artist Natsuko Toyofuku herself, with one of her amazing creations)


(The artist Natsuko Toyofuku while creating – picture courtesy of Chili PR)

Not only she does use copper but also silver, stones. That is: nature at its very best.



It’s a chic and tastefully minimalism that is gonna live forever, and that will suit every style, every taste, every personality. Sure, it’s going to work as a no-brainer for everyone’s closet!

DSCN7425(One of the sketches of the artist Natsuko Toyofuku)

I warmly invite you all to discover the world of Natsuko Toyofuku, you will feel enchanted by her uniquely fascinating aesthetics:

Atelier Natsuko Toyofuku, via Angelo della Pergola, 8 – Milan

Natsuko Toyofuku web site and e-commerce

Natsuko Toyofuku Facebook page

All pictures by me except where otherwise specified

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