Am I the only one out there not to have gentlest of feelings towards Christmas time? I know that is not very glamorous to say and to write (all other fashion bloggers I follow around the world seem to have a blast this time of the year, with glitters and parties always and everywhere) but that’s the way it is and I cannot fake it. December stresses me a lot, it’s not my fave time of the year at all (sorry, parents, can’t help it). When will I ever be able to enjoy festivities in a carefree way? If you’ re like that, please be in the know that I envy you so so much. And then…the topic of presents, my boyfriend asked me what I want. What should I want, dear Santa? Apart from a ridiculous amount of bags, shoes and clothes (who doesn’t, after all?) I want, I desire, I long for the most precious and difficult thing (for me) to have and to enjoy: personal satisfaction. Especially if you’re forever unsatisfied like me (in which case, please permit me, you have all my sympathy), living in a perennial research of doing better and better and better. So hard, too hard. And truly exhausting. Should I say one big thing that this year 2014 has thought me I would surely say that nothing is forever, for good and for bad. And I know that is no big news, the world works like that but I stil hadn’t experienced such stuff in a sudden, personal and hard way like this time (I have lost my job). So I have been taught this lesson and hopefully I am (quickly) learning the difficult art of being patient for exciting news to arrive soon and in the same time to enjoy life a little bit more, because nothing cures bad times better than the memories of a joyful day when you decided to kick your absence of satisfaction in the ass.

So, I have allowed me some time for strolling around Milan looking for Mr. Santa. And while I was sure to find glamour on every corner (well it’s Milan after all, the Italian capital of fashion, right?) I was left surprised it was not like that. This “less is more” and low profile Christmas approach that I have seen in the city where I am living felt like a constant reminder that nothing is due, you have to carefully see to find what you’re looking for to be happy and – why not – satisfied.









All pictures by me


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    I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I think there’s so much stress put on to buy everyone person you’ve ever known a gift and it becomes so meaningless after awhile. And who the hell wants to go into debt for people you don’t even really want to buy gifts for? I’m just saying haha. Anyhow, the best advice I can give you on how to not let it ruin your holiday is to ignore the pressures and do what you want. buy gifts for people you want to buy for and don’t for those you don’t want to. send cards to everyone else. and don’t waste time on stress – just take in the season with those you love. what helps me enjoy the season instead of “things” is planning to go buy a tree or go skiing or something, enjoying nature with friends or other fun events. Things that aren’t centered around buying things. that helps me enjoy the time a lot more. ♥ would love if you stopped by for a chat 🙂

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      Precious tips, thank you so much! Love the idea of centering Christmas time around experiences instead of things, and also love the advice of sending cards – will surely do that!!!

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