I’m thinking about how long I’ve walked. Despite it being high and despite all the steps.



Mum and bf always say that I sleep too much, but I can’t help it: it’s in my DNA and I’m not a morning person. Often, I must admit, it happens that I close my eyes because I am a dreamer at heart. Simple and beautiful! Probably it’s my fave activity (or should I call it guilty pleasure?).


I also am a hunter, although everything I want usually is never available in that particular moment. What can I say…I’m the best at picking the right worst moment…sometimes I still get mad about it but I’m learning to cope with this unfair magic that I have.



And in the meantime it’s July. And, oh how time flies! I can’t seem to be fast enough to chase time, and I must admit that drives me crazy as much as gets me frustrated.


It’s quite hot (+30°C!) and solitary in here, and I am slowly coming to terms with being surrounded by silence. Beauty is everywhere, so it is in here too.


Pictures by me

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