Wearing: Gap jeans, Urban Outfitters cropped top, Accessorize bag (courtesy of), Bata shoes, Zara leather necklace (old), Coccinelle and Cruciani bracelets, Accessorize, old and various rings

I have always had the deepest feelings towards who is able to choose between what is essential and long-lasting instead of what is not-so-basic, seasonal and on-trend. Although many efforts have been made during the years to rely on some well-cut and well-tailored pieces, I still have a long way to go. Fashion is beautiful also because it offers so many temptations, so many chances to embrace different styles and worlds – and I cannot resist. But as long as my journey discovering fashion evolves, the more I am working to balance my closet with key basic investment pieces with a turnover of more seasonal – and definitely cheaper – ones. My dream still is to own the bare essentials, enough key pieces to be put into a couple of luggages to travel around the whole world. The best fitting pair of jeans, the most classic shoes, the most comfortable bag, the softest tees, the evergreen cuts and shapes and colours.

Every season I work on my closet to put away what I haven’t worn at all or I only did just once during the latest months, so to do steps little by little to achieve my goal, and not being overwhelmed by this task in few days once or twice a year. It’s my simple trick, learnt through the years, to take control over clothes, and – important thing – to avoid spending money in short-lived and too seasonal clothes.

Less is more: I am doing my very best to live by this motto, to make it my fashion manifesto and not to see it just as a cliché. Furthermore, having only few great pieces to choose by, would greatly help being always put together and in a short time. Surely, an investment on many fronts!

But simplifying things also means simplifying life: that is. No useless fuss.

Enjoying the simple life, the good company, allowing myself to taste the sparks of unexpected inspirations, in any form they happen and appear. Reading a book. Working on something that probably is foolish but makes sense for me. Walking, walking, walking. Daydreaming at its fullest potential of possessing all the best to start over, because few are such things/people that make me feel good and content.

A couple of luggages, as said before, are definitely enough.





Pictures by Fabio Barzaghi

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