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I’ve always loved the Frank Zappa’s quote “so many books, so little time” although I feel guilty not to be able to read as often as I would like to.

For this reason, when Chairish (with whom I already collaborated – see here my previous post where I styled my home bar) asked me to take part in their “from White to Bright” challenge I couldn’t let slip this chance to create and style my very own reading corner!

My starting point was their Hollywood Regency Tufted Swivel Chair : I fell in love with its design, with its warm colour and the velvety feel.

As soon as I especially saw the Hollywood Regency chair among all other accent chairs, I knew my challenge would have been to turn this glamorous but heavy piece into something pop-modern, without forgetting to incorporate a feminine touch.
Moodboard_So many books, so little time

The color palette revolves around thick primary colours, so the dark yellow and the blue of the Roy Lichtenstein “Blue Grapes” paint make the result quite bold. That’s why I decided to sweeten things up by adding a slightly more delicate hue via flowers and a super comfy and soft blanket in the shade of my all-time-favorite pink. After all it is the reading corner sure of a girly girl, but of a tough one! I love the fact that the floor lamp dedicates its own light to the reading nest, as well as it helps separating this little corner from the rest of the room.

The Royal Copenhagen mug is my touch of classic, because my very personal rule is: never read a book without having coffee or tea by your side. Whether hot if it’s winter or iced if the sun’s bright in the sky, those two are my very best friends when it comes to share the beautiful experience of reading a book.

Speaking about the latter, lately we’re almost exclusively buying photography and art books. While, I must admit, they are quite more expensive than the “traditional” ones, I highly recommend mixing and matching the two of them for the big inspirational power that images have.

I have added the globe on this plain side table simply because reading is a way to travel the world (and time, too!), so a little game I play is to look at it while imaging the places and the days where all the characters of the novel I’m into live and act.

Stacked books and stacked magazines for decor is something I have discovered not long ago. I’ve always lived in houses well-fulled of books (being my dad an avid reader and insatiable books-buyer, and now with a bf always eager to add brand new pieces to our collections) expertly placed on the traditional library shelves. But some trends invite to explore an underestimated potential of the beauty of books and magazines, using those as pieces of décor. Their shapes, their fonts, their colours…every little detail makes them objects of design, so…why not? I’ve also highlighted some favorite stacked books styles on Pinterest, have a look at my dedicated board here!

This post is in collaboration with Chairish but all opinions are my own.

Ps. If you’re new to this name, let me tell you a couple of things: Chairish is an amazing online marketplace where design lovers can buy and/or sell vintage and used unique pieces of furniture as well as jewelry and accessories. I invite you to visit Chairish site and get lost among the most amazing amazingness you could ever imagine!

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