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Am I the only one who sees September as another January? A new starting point. Almost like a new year. Should I make a recap of these last months, I would use just one word: “whirlwind”. I have experienced so many changes in so many fields in so many months that, at the end of July, I was really exhausted. Thanks goodness in August I went back home, at my parents’ place. I really needed that unique kind of home-sweet-home feeling, rest and relax. I really needed to switch everything off for that couple of weeks. I went to the beach, took photos, run errand a lot, ate a lot (+2 kilos!). Needed! Also, well-deserved.

It’s September now (my, how time flies!) and I am figuring out what I achieved, because I want to set some brand new goals. That’s why September is like another January. A totally different season is approaching – not only for weather. After the summer stop now I feel a natural need to have something to look at, and to look for.

To be completely honest, I am not the happiest on how things turned out. Although I know I am always pretty critical towards myself. I envisioned things differently, I had unmet expectations. After having spent some quite harsh years I was sure that this one would have been a little bit smoother. I was committed a lot, after all! But life always surprises…

I am learning new things, and sure this is beautiful, exciting and positive, but… . But. I don’t absolutely want to downgrade in any way the value of knowing something new. That’s challenging, and lead both for a personal and professional growth. But. I think it’s just one side of the point. Learning new things is in fact one of the most effective ways to get to know who you don’t want to be and what you don’t like. So helpful to set brand new goals, but in a rude way.

Easier said that done, let’s go to my September resolutions/goals. First things first: everyday life. I wish to save time to read more books. I’ve always liked it but working till late every single day means that I am tired and physically unable to concentrate on more than few lines…and that’s quite frustrating. Reading is relaxing, healthy and the best way to improve one’s creativity! Secondly, I’m quite ashamed to confess that this year I let slip away many art exhibitions (inexcusable!) because of work but mostly because of laziness. A true crime! So, here’s for another goal: to never miss art anymore. The following one is instead something I would really like to get rid of: shyness. I need to kick laziness in the a**, and improve my “public relations skills” (I’m so bad at them). I want to act fearless, and I want to dare to. Shyness is a limit, and I am tired of it.

Turning the discussion to fashion, September brings a challenge for me, in the shape of glasses. I know many would not understand but I must convince myself to wear glasses. I’ve always worn lenses, and I’ve always been scolded by my doc (he’s right) because I never let my eyes get some well deserved “rest”. Problem here is that I hate glasses, I never found them attractive, or feminine, or beautiful in any way. And I am very short-sighted, so this doesn’t help, either. But I want to learn to embrace myself with all my flaws, and to show myself in a simpler way. With glasses and wavy hair (another think I hate about myself).

Beauty follows after fashion. Here I have one major goal: to drink more water. Quite simple, isn’t it? It’s not, instead. I am a true disaster. I never drink. After my beloved morning coffee I could spend the whole day without a single drop of water. (Well, actually, this is what happens every day). But drinking is also a matter of health, and it’s not expensive, not difficult. I have no excuses!

Last but not least, let’s come to the most important chapter for me: projects. I want to put to good use the investment I made buying a professional camera. This of course means I want to keep on taking pictures, but also to experiment with the amazing features my Nikon D750 has. This brings good consequences in terms of creative flow and creative possibilities. And those are key to keep on creating relevant content for this blog – another goal I am willing to achieve! I started this personal space to improve myself professionally, as a way to always feel motivated and curious and creative. So I need to nurture this project to feel alive and driven and to build my own chances in the fashion world.

So, September…let’s do it!

Picture by me

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