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…and it’s going to take it by storm. A colorful, bright, always-in-a-hurry, happy storm. It’s called fashion! Because (in case you live under a rock or on another very distant planet and very far from our galaxy and milky way), September is The Fashion Month (well, one of the two to be more precise). The one with the fashion weeks happening in New York City first, then in London, Milan follows and last but not least there’s Paris (these are the 4 big ones).

It’s a strange creature, this September-of-the-fashion-week. Because a sort of identity crisis of weather happens: you can see people here in Milan (but I bet it’s the same in all other cities of fashion weeks) running from one runway show to another in a completely weather-and-season-undefined clothes.

You can meet someone wearing the breeziest summerish dress, and then by his/her side another one wearing the chunkiest wool. You can never guess how many (and in which way possible!) layers one can manage to wear and still be totally amazing and totally effortlessly chic. Major envy! You will be amazed by the patience and the extreme committment of so many people that change clothes and outfits before every show. I watch all them with pure envy, because I am super lazy and I have never been good at scheduling an outfit in advance. If I do, I already know for sure that I change idea.

Fashion shows are always exciting. After all they are shows in their own right, and beautiful to see, nonetheless. Even if I have never attended one (from the inside), I can smell in the air that there’s something sparkling before each show. And that air is full of nervousness but it is also impregnated with creativity. So, it’s a healthy air to breathe.

I always do my very best to imagine the big effort of such wide creative flow that twice every year leads to something as big and astonishing as a runway show. There must be the fear of the reaction of the critic and of the audience. Every brand is a huge machine, and each fashion show is, after all, just the tip of the iceberg of so many months of hard work, and with so many people involved. Not easy, at all.

But what I personally love the most is the feeling of creating a whole brand new world each time that a new collection is ready. Because what we see on every runway show is not just clothes, but it’s culture, it’s research, it’s reinvention, it’s evolution, it’s dream, it’s the hardest work to put a vision into physical shape and to explain that to all of us to comprehend it and to (possibly) appreciate it.

Needless to say, I can’t wait for this fashion month to start tomorrow!

ps. should you be curious, here and here you can see some of the strange creatures that gravitate towards the Milanese fashion week!

Picture by me

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