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Yes, start. Beneath this small five letters word lies something massive: the excitement of the new mixed with the fear of the first time.

Start cuddles the idea of future, the same future that contains the past. Start. It’s complicated! You have to understand the moment number zero of when to commence.

Start exudes adrenalin.

There’s a hidden treasure, a gem, in the word “start”. And that is another small five letters word: learn. Start and learn. The first one is not possible without the second one. And vice-versa.

Start brings expectations, the will and the power to see the world in a new, different way.

Start also brings in new habits, a different routine, new discoveries to incorporate in one’s life. Sometimes it can be scary, but that teaches you the lesson of what’s really important and what’s not.


Here’s to a year of beautiful starts.

Have a great 2016.









Photography by me

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