Calligraphy by Claudia Filograsso

That’s not just an old (2005) Ringo Starr record. It’s also my theme for February.

Quite cheesy, I know I know. And not original, at all.

But – raise your hands if there’s someone out there that doesn’t agree to the idea of paying attention to love, and celebrating it.

I’m talking about “love” with each and every meaning it may hold: love for the passions that everybody surely has (books, music, cinema, photography, art, …), love for the special projects in one’s life (travelling to the other side of the world! a new apartment!), love for a favourite place in the world or for a small little spot in one’s city, or love for a certain food.

Feeling love, and being able to express it, is something truly amazing.

Love is the force able to channel everyone’s best and most positive vibrations and energy to create something enriched, that really counts and that makes life better.


Here’s to a February filled with love!

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