The best match ever? The one between coffee or tea and a book. Is there anything more romantic than that?

This month’s ode to love means to explore this feeling , and I want to start with one of my biggest love stories, the one I have with books.

Why do I love books? I think mainly it’s because I am a dreamer at heart, and books are fuel to my imagination. Secondly, books are a cuddle-to-self, a moment to enjoy all alone. Third, I am a curious explorer of words, and I find exciting to discover how authors describe emotions, places, people.

My favourite author is Nick Hornby, I adore his quintessentially Britishness and quirkiness. I have read all his books, I’m a fan! Not only I love the way he writes – all his characters are so human – and the stories he creates, but I adore his enormous knowledge about music. Whenever I read his books I’m looking forward to coming to some musical references because 90% of the times he will cite a band/a musician I don’t know and I want to discover. All he knows about music is so interesting to me.

His is one of the books I have read in January: “Funny Girl“.

Book or ebook? That’s the good ‘n old question…hard to answer. I must admit I love traditional books and the simple action of browsing them (the smell of the paper!), and the fact that they are beautiful esthetically. But I would be a liar not to mention how good is to carry my ebook in my bag, and to have the chance to decide which book to read, switching from one to another while I’m commuting.

Another book I’ve enjoyed so much while commuting was “A gentleman’s guide to graceful living” by Michael Dahlie.

When’s your favourite time to read a book? I surrendered to the fact that it’s impossible to read before going to sleep – simply, I’m too tired. Some evenings I read while on the sofa, with some hot tea as trusty companion. But every day I read while on tram, or bus, or train when I go to work. I love to give value to a big amount of time that would be wasted otherwise!

The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” by Douglas Adams was hard to read…a book of pure nonsense! My sister suggested me to read it because I’m an anxious girl and one of the things the book gravitate towards is the “don’t panic” sentence. I struggled a lot during the very first 60 pages, but then I understood its (non)sense and I had the best of times reading it. Extra points for the fact that it inspired nothing less than the Radiohead’s masterpiece album “OK Computer” (and specifically the song “Paranoid Android”).

Recently I’ve been introduced (my sister again…she’s quite the geek!) to a very interesting app called “Goodreads” to rate books, write down comments and reviews and network with other readers, and I love it! I love to keep track of all the books I read, and to discover some more. Most of all, I enjoy being part of a community of book-worms. Do you already use “Goodreads” or any other similar app?

A delightful discovery was “Love over Scotland” by Alexander McCall Smith. A novel of different stories, truly addictive! So addictive that I found myself organizing my everyday activities so to gain some more time to read it.

I set a reading challenge for this year 2016: that is to read 40 books, and I’m excited because I can’t wait to discover inspirational stories and new authors. So, if you have any suggestions or a few fave books you would like to share, please advice on the comments below!





Photography by me


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