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Calligraphy by Claudia Filograsso

When my mum buys something, she always opts for the smallest items. Every object she owns, she has it in its smaller version. Is it the same thing with your mothers too? Probably that has something to do with the fact that she is a streamstress, she knows how to sew and how to embroider, so she recognizes the value of the very little details in things.

I can’t believe February already passed by, it’s Spring in few weeks and this change in the season is pushing me to look at things in a renewed way. It may take some time to understand, and to get used to, but in the end, as cheesy as it sounds, the little things really are the ones that count, as well as the most beautiful ones.

Sprouts blossoming everyday, they’re just like blooming details. And the lesson I am learning is all about taking pride and joy of the details in the events that everyday happen to me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to say that all the “think big” is a wrong message – ambition is never a mistake, in my opinion it is the element that pushes people to move on and to go forward, with courage. The point is to counterbalance the “big” with the “small-but-important”. The detail, in other words. My personal goal is to learn how to re-allocate one’s attention between the “go bold” and the “…or go home”.

There’s a sort of feeling of good warmth after something meaningful and little happens, that I personally would like to savour forever – and ever. Don’t you also think this way? Little things and little details are like enjoying ¬†chocolate after an unpleasant day, or like listening to your favorite song when you have had a bad news.

In short, the little things have such an amazing power to make you feel enriched when some other moments in life make you feel gloomy and deprived.

So welcome March, and here’s to a month of delightful and significant¬†little things!

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