A polka dotted Moleskine notebook with Pantone card holder and a Swarovski pen. A light pink Tom Ford nail polish and a couple of cookies.

In the pictures: Moleskine notebook, Accessorize necklace, Pantone cardholder, Swarovski pen, Tom Ford nail polish

Just because I feel happier if I can keep trace of everything that happens (I have no memory at all…), I have a (not so secret) love affair with stationery.

Notebooks (mostly) and pens are my guilty pleasures and, if I do not have any particular preference between pens and pencils, I tend to gravitate towards Moleskine for everything paper-related.

I’ve always been a fan of the Moleskine agenda (the red and the black ones), but since I discovered their notebooks I can’t help myself and I buy so many… (too many).

In the world we’re living in, that features digital overloads of each and everything, I must admit that I feel quite old always carrying a pen and a notebook with me. But I must also say that writing on something “physical” is much more special than taking notes on my mobile phone. Also, I noticed that I tend to read over and over again what I write on paper, on the contrary I  just pile up and forget all the digital notes that I have taken over the years.

Not to mention that, at home, I have a shelf on the library that contains all the agendas and notebooks I have owned since 1999 (this particular date marks the year when I moved to Milan…light years ago). While I totally understand that I may sound silly to you, I am a super nostalgic person, so sometimes I love to browse those pages to recall my mindful moments.




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