An outfit of denim and checkered shirt made to go to concerts, with a collage of pictures from the official Instagram account of Il Teatro degli Orrori

Wearing: Topshop hat, Topshop shirt, Zara tee, Gap jeans, unknown necklace, All Star sneakers)

Two things never cease to amaze me: my utter inability to orientate myself (my internal GPS has never been able to work properly, probably it’s dead), and the fact that lately I noticed that I seem to have missed some very good music from the year 2000. How possible is that? Considering that those were the years when I used to listen to a lot of music (instead of studying) (helloooo university years)? That’s no good.

So, putting aside for another time the big problem I have whenever I have to reach an address everywhere in the world, the fact that I missed for years (YEARS!) the music of the band Il Teatro degli Orrori remains. And while who knows me, knows that I usually am not a big fan of Italian alternative rock, I must admit that as soon as F introduced me to Il Teatro degli Orrori I was totally sold.

Music and lyrics are rough, intelligent, brave and unexpected. They’re not silly love songs, but smart stories of life and death. It’s so good that they play live a lot, so I’m happy to start over again the good ‘n old habit of going to concerts watching them playing!

Im with the band 2

Im with the band 1

Im with the band 4

Im with the band 3

Art Direction and Styling Rosamaria Filograsso

Photography Fabio Barzaghi

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