Calligraphy by Claudia Filograsso

I know I may sound like a professional complainer, but I really feel like I am off and disconnected in these weeks. Doctor would explain it is due to switch of season…but truth is that I don’t feel any satisfied nor a little bit happy lately. When will this feeling be over? I keep on doing the most unhealthy stuffs, that is viewing and admiring other’s works and deciding they’re all better than mine and consequently not wanting to commit to anything because apparently it is not worth it, as I won’t ever be able to produce anything so compelling. Because I won’t ever be as – insert fantastic adjective here – as every single other people out there instead is. Buh! So I do hunt for some inspiration that looks like it lives in a foreign land so so far away from where I am living right now. I know I’d better spend my days shooting than studying how to shoot and being lazy. Million times I repeat I must grab my camera, go out and shoot anything and everything because practice makes perfect, and learning all the theory in the world would not make me a good photographer but then I turn into my super lazy self, the one that underestimates herself and that sees that everyone is better then her at doing every single thing…and I shelter beneath all the books that I am reading. Sorry to be so boring today, please forgive me about that, but I can’t feel proud of anything lately, instead I am full of insecurity and self doubts…

I do hope to “smile, rise and shine”, again and soon.


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