Calligraphy by Claudia

I was watching some friend’s babies happily playing with water some days ago and I really enjoyed their carefree but at the same time responsible attitude (they took care of each other, that was super sweet!).

It must be July that brings this sort of unscheduled mood, probably it’s the loose trousers because of all the bbqs with friends. Or the exciting countdown towards the oh-so-long-awaited for holidays. Perhaps, more simply, it’s the serene warmth that mellows one’s mind.

Summer is my fave season, I’m a creature of sun (I’m from the south, after all). I love the warmth, walking in the daylight eating fruit and ice cream. And reading books. Because summer and books are a match made in heaven with longer light hours.

When the weather gets hotter you experience freedom and a courage you never thought you had in winter time! Suddenly you’re not the very same person people think you are, I guess it’s a consequence of the power you feel when you dive into the blue sea…

Summer is like an unknown door, you open it up and you start exploring what’s in front of you. Summer is an open book about high hopes. Because it makes you a believer.

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