Lovestarrs music, cover image with three 45 vinyl records

There are times when I dream to escape towards a far away world, and every time such thing happens music is my trusty travel companion. And now’s the time, again, for me to plan a (musical) escape into a world of colors and lights and brightness. And yes of course I do have the perfect soundtrack: it’s Lovestarrs’ “Somebody Like You”.

Curious to know the recipe for their music? Whisk together a handful of George Michael’s musical attitude, a squeeze of Cindy Laupers’ true colors, some beats of Tears for Fears, add some Depeche Mode electro-pop and there you have the Lovestarrs!

Lovestarrs con sfondo 2


I love a good cross-pollination among the very best of the major ‘80s sounds and mood! The Lovestarrs have that, with the right amount of quirkiness and energy thanks to the fresh and beautiful voice of Sarah McIntosh. Hamish McIntosh is the other half, the one behind the irresistible and charismatic bass lines. I’ve listened to their three singles: “Somebody Like You”, “Get Your Sexy On” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous” and they are my fave and most brilliant detox against the inevitable everyday blues! After all music is medicine, it is the best way to mantain one’s sanity and joy, and – believe me – Lovestarrs are my latest mood booster.

There’s one thing I would like to warn you about: as soon as you will listen to “Somebody Like You” you will start singing its chorus again and again and again…and you know what? It feels good! A catchy melody is precious like fresh water on a hot day, it is that perfect music moment you want to rely on forever. I am very picky about the music I do listen to (music is a serious thing – who knows me knows that!), but I am honestly having fun listening to Lovestarrs. They are interesting in so many ways. Their look invites you to trust in colors (that’s my mantra, too!).

I am always on the hunt for good tunes to enjoy, and Lovestarrs are my match made in heaven for my mission to happily escape while singing and whipping my hair to the sound of the best lighthearted, sincere, colorful and mature electro-pop! Lovestarrs with their music are giving you the key to listen to colors and to see music in a different way: with colors. And I so love that.

Lovestarrs con basso

Bass guitar – my own

I invite you to enter the world of Lovestarrs here: Lovestarrs website /  Lovestarrs Facebook page / Lovestarrs Twitter profile / Lovestarrs Instagram profile / Lovestarrs You Tube channel / Lovestarrs Soundcloud

This post is in collaboration with Defdisco, but of course all opinions are my own.

Art Direction – Rosamaria Filograsso

Photography – Rosamaria Filograsso except Lovestarrs pictures courtesy of Defdisco

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