Picture of the sea in Barletta, Puglia, Italy

To watch the sea is the very first thing I do whenever I get back home to Barletta. Never I’m going to get used to live away from the sea, after 17 years in another city I came to this conclusion.

Something is special in our seaside community: I am quite sure it is a beautiful consequence of all its history through so many centuries. The sea has always brought culture to our people and places. It’s our infinite, as well as unique, richness.

Barletta has an incredible abundance of beautiful sandy beaches: more than 5 km, many of which are the reign of surfers. The harbor, a commercial port, separates the Litoranea di Ponente from the Litoranea di Levante, the long coast that goes from west to east.

We all do love our sea – it’s both a feeling and an attitude that never cease to amaze me. There’s a very old tradition that, in fact, says it all: people at about 7pm every day during summer go to the seafront armed with food, chairs and tables and eat there, enjoying the view and the sea breeze, with children happily playing on the sand. It’s a vision of joy and peace of mind that fulfills one’s heart.

As simple as it may sound, it really is a declaration of love for our beloved sea.

Picture of the harbor of Barletta, Apulia, Italy

Collage picture of sand and seaweed

Picture of people on the beach in the sea in Barletta, Apulia, Italy

Picture of palm trees in a row in Barletta, Apulia, Italy

Detail of the harbor at sunset in Barletta, Apulia, Italy

Picture of the sunset on tha harbor of Barletta, Apulia, Italy

Photography Rosamaria Filograsso



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