In my personal journey of learning to discover the beauty around me and enjoying it, food is having a major role. And, as a picky eater who doesn’t like cooking, you would admit that the task is pretty hard. But, in doing this, I have a very little vantage point: I am from the South of Italy, an amazing land where food is something serious, and you don’t mess with it!

Should I mention the major thing I am learning about food, I would say: the difference. The difference between food with history, values, a legacy, the food made with craftsmanship, and, on the opposite, everything else we call with the very same name but it is, in reality, light years far away. Not to mention that food and wine are the most powerful reminders of emotions via sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. As an example, there are many niche fruits I have rediscovered lately, and I am moved by the way they can take me back to when I was a little girl and my grandparents grew them on their estates. How many lovely memories are not lost!

With all this in mind, and with curiosity and will to learn, I attended Milano Golosa: a “gastronomic tale” aimed to explore the relevance that the quality of all primary products has, in being DNA for good food.


left: Dievole oil / right:oil and bread, aka the best food match ever


left: pasta from pastificio Pagano / right: love the funny bomb-shaped hot pepper sauce of CheSud


left: raw rice / centre: the most amazingly scented tea, and the most beautiful one, too, from Royal Tea Company / right: forget the others, the only pistachio is from Bronte (Sicily)

I loved the experience of Milano Golosa. Strolling through so many different foods, many of which I never saw, or tasted, before. Cocoa beans, for example, the genetic code of chocolate: I was so shocked to feel how different it tastes compared the one I am used to buy at the supermarket… and the same went for every single food I tried. Such level of difference really surprised me. And taught me that a higher price (because, of course, outstanding quality comes at a price, and there must be no any embarass about that) is so well worth it.


left: bread from Pane e Pace, Matera / right: the successfully rebranded beverages from Spumador, with a beautiful vintage feel


up left: this is a warning because the Barozzi chocolate cake causes addiction… how did I live without it until now? / up right: tasty fermented beverages? Yes, please! From Cupido

down left: a niche kind of black cherries called Vignole, they could seriously transform your life for better, from Corte Luceoli

It was so interesting having the chance to talk with so many amazing people. They all had sparkles and pride in their eyes while telling family stories of mastery, sacrifices and talent. And, if there’s something I respect, it is craftmanship and quality. I was honored to be told their amazing stories that started a hundred years ago or more, thanks to the stubborness and patience of grandparents and ancestors that tried and tried recipes and combinations to achieve something unique. They firmly believed in their idea, because they knew the value and the quality of its ingredients and their potential. And it must have not been so easy, also. A life lesson.

All the food I enjoyed caused me happiness. Firstly because everything was superb! Secondly, because of all the competency that all the entrepreneurs I met had. Quality of food + quality of the business people is a (rare) match made in heaven. Luckily, Milano Golosa was full of both those excellences, I had a serious case of hope overload!


up left: the beautiful food in oil from Fratelli Pinna / up right: hot chili sauce from CheSud

down left: tomatoes from Rosso Gargano, Apulia, the best IMO! / down right: colorful packages of Spumador


up: amazing chocolate from Pura Delizia / down: detail of the beauty of a cheese but unfortunatelly I can’t remember its name…


up left: spaghetti from Pagano, hung to dry / up right: Piave cheese

down left: Parmigiano Reggiano (enough said here…) / down right: if the attention to details is any proof, this Regina dei Sibillini pasta must taste amazing…


Up left and down right: rolled lard from Fratelli Billo and Favola mortadella. I didn’t taste neither the first nor the second because I’m vegetarian, but my bf tasted both twice (maybe three times?), so I consider that a good sign… / Up right & down left: Coda Nera salmon and Upstream salmon

mg_10Up left: the three protagonists of the wine tasting: Benefizio Riserva, Leonia Pomino Rosè and Leonia Pomino Brut / right: a moment of the tasting

Also, I had the chance to attend the wine tasting of three Frescobaldi wines of Pomino. And what a treat it was… I could get used to that, honestly, ah!… Jokes apart, during that time exploring the perfection of the Frescobaldi wines, I had yet another confirmatin of the true meaning of food, that is cultural heritage, being so strictly and beautifully connected to the history of any territory and its people. I learned that the wine world is greatly linked to the De Medici family, for example, because wine was a symbol of the reputation of a country.

At the very end I was so amazed and felt enriched in so many ways! Every food I enjoyed was such an amazing discovery, and mostly, a unique way to learn history throughout family histories that were brave enough to make the difference. It was such an incredible experience, and I do suggest everybody to attend the next edition.

Photography Rosamaria Filograsso


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