Have you ever wanted to be a princess? As cheesy as it sounds, I did. Let me correct: I do. Everyday. In my mind I swing between Scarlett O’Hara and The Great Gatsby. Two different styles, true, but with elements such as embroidery, sequins and colours as common ground. Exactly what my eyes saw as soon as I entered the Amen showroom. Exquisite needlework details each and every dress, on casual textiles (on denim, on sweaters) and on precious ones (on lace, silk, chiffon, tulle). Either the informal wear and the formal wear caught my eyes, although I could not help the fact to be more attracted to the latter. Speaking in general, Amen clothes made me envision a 2016 princess, one that winks to some eccentricity and opulence, courtesy of the amazing craftsmanship that joined and boosted pieces with a decidedly contemporary style.

I personally liked the way Amen has enriched denim: those embroideries levelled up the mood of Saint Basic. Other pieces were a little eccentric, or too much military inspired for my personal taste. But, again, that’s just the opinion of someone who dresses enjoying a different style. Unisex-ness is another key word, and sure I appreciate the research work beneath this part of Amen collection. Should you turn into genderless some clothes, so that both male and female customers could find them interesting and attractive to wear, what would you do? I wouldn’t know where to start from, to face a challenge like that! So, again, kudos to Amen.

The little mirrors and the sequins remind very much of the Indian richness of the textiles, an evident influence of the elegant and formal Amen collection. I love how the brand has tamed its Indianity (does this word even exist?) by toning down the colours, choosing reliable pastels and blush-y hues instead.

Last but not certainly for least, I must admit I didn’t know the brand Amen until some weeks ago when I took these pictures during their press day in their showroom. I went there being my usual curious self, and never I was disappointed! Every little detail was delightfully curated, and I loved the way clothes were displayed, and told. It’s so fascinating to get to know the stories behind each inspiration and its creative process. No doubt I was captured exactly like Ulysses with the sirens by means of the charming stories, inspirations, and, of course, some amazing clothes.










Thanks Amen for letting me discover their amazing world.

Photography: Rosamaria Filograsso

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