This page is aimed to be honest and clear with my readers and the companies I may work with now or in the future. Please bear in mind that all brands and all products that make the editorial content of my blog are strictly chosen accordingly to their relevance to rosamarialoves readers and topics.


If I agree to accept a free product from a brand, it must rigidly fit rosamarialoves content policy. This is because on my blog I only show what I would myself buy. Free products given to me are indicated as “courtesy of” or “c/o” + the brand name. Clearly, each review is always honest and true, either positive or negative – always my own.

Products sent for review purposes will not be returned, unless differently agreed.


In case of a sponsored post, it’s my responsibility as a blogger to disclosure such information to all my readers. Such posts will in fact have “Sponsored post” indicated at the end.


On this blog some links may be selective affiliate links. This means that, should you make a purchase via such link, I will earn a small commission. Rest assured that the price of the product selected doesn’t change if you purchase it via the affiliate link or directly from the brand’s or the vendor’s website, i.e. not using the affiliate link. Of course all the links you will find on rosamarialoves refer to products that I love and would by.

Let me honestly add that of course I hope my readers choose to purchase via my affiliate links, so to help me support my blog and its growth and quality of content. But, of course, no reader is obliged to!

Such posts have a statement at the end saying “this post contains affiliate links”.


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